Meghan Agosta

Has captured 3 gold medals and 1 silver in 4 Olympic appearances.  Was named MVP of the tournament at the Vancouver Olympic Games

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Henry Boucha

Talented player for the Red Wings & North Stars whose career came to a tragic hault due to an eye injury

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Jim Craig

Goaltending hero for the U.S. Olympic Gold Medal winning hockey team at Lake Placid in 1980

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Lori Dupuis

Gold Medal winner at 2002 Winter Olympic Games with the Canadian Women's Hockey Team

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Perdita Felicien

Canada's darling;  2x World Champion, 2x Olympian and 7x Canadian Champion and record holder in the 100m hurdles

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Theoren Fleury

This 5'6" scapper produced over 400 goals and 1,000 points in his NHL career

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Jennifer Jones

Jennifer led her team to the gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.  A favourite of all Canadians and curlers alike

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Leon Spinks

First Heavyweight boxer to beat Ali, winning him the Heavyweight Championship of the World in 1978

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