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Sports Celebrity Marketing, S.C.M. Inc. provides a variety of marketing initiatives from the world of sports. Initially created to solely provide the services of sports celebrities for speaking engagements, we have since  grown into a full service sports marketing company specializing in event planning and coordination (Gala Events, Fund Raising, Awards Banquets), facilitating personal appearances, keynote speeches, endorsements, product marketing, PR  and more!


Click on a title below to listen to radio interviews featuring personalities from Sports Celebrity Marketing S.C.M. Inc..

06-08-2014 Laura Posada TheFan 590

10/20/2013 Brad Marsh The FAN590

6/6/2013 Ed Hearn The Fan590

5-10-2013 Dave Collins-TheFan 590

8-27-12 Jon Warden TheFan590

8-16-12 Eddie Murray TheFan 590

6-14-2012 Ben Petrick TheFan 590

5-19-2012 Jon Warden TheFAN 590

4-17-12 Mookie Wilson- On the Wire

3-2-12 Willie Mays Aikens theFan590

2-20-12 Tony Collins TSN Radio

2-14-12 Dermontti Dawson TSN Radio

2-13-12 Al Oliver theFAN 590

2-12-12 Brian Jordan theFAN 590

2-9-12 Hank Mason theFAN 590

1-8-12 Cecil Fielder TSN Radio

9-19-11 Mookie Wilson Sportsbyline

9-7-11 Peanut Johnson Sportsbyline

8-19-11 Pedro Sierra Sportsbyline

8-15-11 Sean L. Gibson Sportsbyline

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